Friday, August 31, 2012

Deep Fried Grilled Cheese and Bacon

Yes I see you drooling.

I can hear your arteries clogging as you taste it as well.

Who doesn't love melted cheese and bacon?

My family loves grilled cheese sandwiches.  We eat them for a quick dinner sometimes.  But we were getting a little bored lately with them and decided to add stuff to them.  Our favorite is adding bacon to them.  

Seriously? What isn't better with bacon on it?

So we even took it a step farther and pulled out the deep fryer and decided to make them even more of a guilty pleasure.  

This is definitely not something healthy, but it is sooooo good!  Trust me -- take the chance at clogging those arteries for this one!

(for one sandwich)
--2 slices of bread (I used Wonder White)
--2 slices of sliced cheese (I had Kraft singles on hand but feel free to use your favorite)
--butter or margarine
--4 cooked slices of bacon
--oil for the deep fryer ( I used my table top mini fryer)
--2 eggs whisked in a bowl

1. Spread your butter on one side of each slice of bread.
2. Add your cheese to the buttered side -- one slice per side.
3.  Take your cooked bacon and arrange it beautifully on each cheese side.
4. After you have everything on it, put your sandwich together.  (now I sliced mine in half because my fryer is small)
5.  Carefully dip your entire sandwich in the egg batter.
6.  Place your sandwich in your heated oil.  I heated mine at a lower temp so the cheese could melt and get gooey while the outside browned and cooked. I would say about 275F on your fryer setting. 
7.  When it is browned to your satisfaction, take it out and place on a plate with a paper towel to soak up some of the left over oil.
 After cooling, enjoy!

See! Now that wasn't too hard and it gives your sandwich a little oomph!  My family compared them to hot pockets. 



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Could you come cook at the compound for us? We promise to be really nice to you.