Thursday, November 15, 2012

Review: It's a Pinypon Party!

After having to reschedule the party date for this event due to the weather, my daughter finally got to invite her friends over!  She was so excited to share the new toys with her friends and to help set it up!

My daughter and her friends fell in love with these toys.

We started out with everyone gathering around the computer to play a Pinypon puzzle.  Each child took a turn in placing a piece to the puzzle into the correct spots. After they completed a puzzle, they each received a special treat.

When all 6 kids -- instead of the 10 that were invited -- were sat down at the table enjoying their cookies and milk, I passed out the toys for the girls to try.  They fell in love with them!  They were still playing with them after the cookies were long gone.

The toys were durable and they didn't have any problems with breakage, etc.  When the parents of the children came to pick them up, I passed out coupons for the toys and the kids were asking for them for Christmas presents.

My daughter was still playing with hers long after everyone went home.  I considered this party -- and the gifted toys for review hosted by MommyParties -- a great success.  The kids were happy and loved the toys.

*I received this product free of charge in exchange for an honest review with no monetary compensation. The only thing I received was the product.*

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Judy Susan said...

What is the age group for these toys and where can I shop for them?