Monday, October 28, 2013

Review: Xploderz X3 - Sneak Attack

Xploderz X3 - Sneak Attack

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*I received this product free of charge in exchange for an honest review*

(From Amazon)
They'll never see you coming with the new Xploderz X3 Sneak Attack blaster, the next generation of Xploderz blasters. The Sneak Attack feature transforms instantly to shoot around corners and 90° angles. The blaster features an updated and futuristic look and an auto-loading feature that allows you to load and fire with just one stroke. This powerful blaster fires up to 75 rounds per minute and shoots over 125 feet. Comes with 1000 rounds of ammo. Xploderz patented ammo system allows you to grow your own ammo for unlimited play.

Can I just say that I love any type of toy that will let me enjoy the fun with the kids! We have purchased quite a few of assorted toys like this one and we enjoy having a battle of the spy game here and there.  You never know when one of us will attack.  With the Xploderz X3, we were able to have even more of a great time and enjoy new features that our other ones don't have.

For one thing, you can shoot from around the corner! Yeah! Look out because corners where you would normally have to look around quickly will now be danger zones! It also features easy auto load and fire to make your attack even quicker!

The only draw back to this toy is the difficult firing trigger.  I would say that this is better intended for the older children and not the younger ones. Adults who like to play like children will also find the fun in it!

Features:1 X3 Sneak Attack
1 Xploderz Ammo clip (holds 75 rounds)
1,000 Xploderz Ammo Refills
1 Ammo Depot
Ages 8 and up

4/5 Stars

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