Monday, October 18, 2010

(REVIEW) Mix Pups

*I was provided with samples of MixPups to form an honest review. I received no money for this review.*


When I was offered the chance to host a Mix Pups Party for my daughter, I jumped on the chance!  My daughter loves Pet Shop Toys, and these are similar to those.

Mix Pups toys were easy for her to play with and she loved the colorful packaging they came in.  Each toy was easy to demonstrate for her and she spent hours playing with them.  She loved how each pup can mix and match.  The prices for these are even in a fair price range. 

In my opinion, Mix Pups are just as fantastic as Pet Shop toys.  Each are poseable and pocket sized for smaller hands. I loved how each figure had clothes that could be mixed and matched with other dolls in the line. The more you own, the more creativity in making outfits.

I am going to give these products 5/5 Shopping Carts.  My daughter has even asked for more for her birthday and Christmas!

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