Wednesday, May 5, 2010

REVIEW: Light Up Marble Racers

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Light-Up Marble Racers combine the racing excitement of mini-toy sports cars and the classic amusement of marbles to create a fun new toy for boys and girls 3 years of age and older.  Your kids can customize their Marble Racers with themed, easy to use, crack & peel racing decals, race their creations on standard tracks, and then watch as the flashing LED marble rolls to keep pace with their speeding car.  

My Review:

When I got these in the mail, I knew I would have to hide them at first!  You see my husband got my 5 year old daughter addicted to cars and such when she was first learning to walk.  I mean most girls are asking for Barbies and my daughter would rather have a car, Tonka truck, or anything from the boy toy aisle at the store.  

After my husband decided which one she could have to try out, (there were 6 total), my daughter was in heaven!  She thought it was neat that she got to decorate the car her way with the stickers and she loved that they lit up as she rolled them.  The cars are clear and see through, so the lights flash very brightley.  She kept asking for us to turn out the lights so she could see it even better. 

After my daughter begging and pleading for more, my husband finally gave her the rest.  He was so sad to have to give up his toys!  So, even though they are SUPPOSE to be for children to play with, adults could have fun with them too if you have a husband like mine! 

Be sure to check out CVS pharmarcy to pick these cars up!  If you would like more info on the cars, click this link.

 5 shopping carts!!! Hurry and pick them up before they are gone!!

Thank you to MomSelect and CVS Pharmacy for providing a set of these toys for review. I was in no way paid for my review with money.  I received the toys free of charge in exchange for an honest review only.  

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