Wednesday, April 16, 2014

#Review : Electrolux PureOxygen Filtration Air Cleaner

Electrolux PureOxygen Allergy 450 Ultra Allergen & Odor HEPA 5-Stage Filtration Air Cleaner, Black

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*I received this product free of charge in exchange for an honest review*

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Breathe with confidence!
The Electrolux PureOxygen Allergy 450 Ultra Allergen & Odor Air Cleaner helps clean the air with five stages of filtration. Premium HEPA filtration removes 99.97% of dust and allergens from the air in your home while the charcoal filter absorbs odors. In Auto Mode the fan speed automatically adjusts to match the Air Quality Sensor reading, so the lower the air quality detected, the higher the fan speed runs. The on-board light sensor detects when lights are low and automatically activates the Sleep Mode, which dims the display panel lights and sets fan speed to Quiet, so you can sleep undisturbed. The PureOxygen Allergy 450 Ultra Allergen & Odor is Energy Star Certified as well as endorsed by the world renowned Swedish Asthma and Allergy Association, which is deeply involved in the research of preventive methods for allergies and asthma. To ensure your maximum comfort, this model is recommended for Areas up to 450 sq. ft. - a living/family room or large bed room.

HEPA Filtration
Premium HEPA filtration absorbs 99.97% of dust and allergens from the air.
Advanced Activated Carbon Filter
Filter helps reduce odors and some gasses in your home.
Cleancel Treated Pre-Filter
A coating of Cleancel, a chemical compound that impedes the growth of bacteria and molds, is added to the pre-filter.


My older daughter has allergies that can make her miserable.  The congestion, headaches, and watery eyes are a constant battle and it gets worse when Spring approaches.  Where we live, air quality is bad most days of the year, so a little extra help from Electrolux was definitely needed.

When the huge box arrived, I quickly unpacked it and set it up.  There is minimal assembly required -- mainly just inserting the filter and putting batteries in the remote which are included.

There are three speeds for the fan -- low, high and turbo.
There are five levels of air quality that are indicated with lights on the unit -- listed from poor to good.

The unit itself is quite large, so smaller spaces will be cramped even more.  I do love the sleek black color though and the remote comes with a holder that attaches to the unit.  My daughter did notice the cleaner smelling air and has had less allergy attacks in the time frame of almost one month.  The only problem I have is finding replacement filters in my area for the unit. Buying online will be required for some people who have the same problem.


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