Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Review: Quartet Magnetic Notepad

Quartet Magnetic Notepad

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*I received this product free of charge in exchange for an honest review*

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Hang this magnetic notepad in your locker, on your fridge, or any metal surface you see on a daily basis. At 3" x 8 1/2" it fits just about anywhere and it perfect for jotting down notes throughout the day. Three pre-printed headers help you organize your tasks. Each easy to tear away sheet is lined to keep your handwriting aligned. Paper is white, top binding is pink.


I am a list maker.
There. I admit it.  I have paper all over my house with lists for anything and everything written on them.  I even use the back of receipts.  I was tired of losing my lists when they would get misplaced or set aside. The family was always reminding me we were out of something and needed to add it to my "Buy List" but then it would get buried under other things.  So when this came in the mail, I was excited to stick it on the fridge door and have one main place for my lists.

This features a TO DO section, a TO REMEMBER section, and a TO BUY section. Whenever there is a school function or appointment that needs to be remembered, we put it on the list.  Now the kids seem to put it on the To Remember section when they want me to take them somewhere fun, but I use that section as a little message center for the day and usually include an "I Love You" on there.  In the To Buy section is where we write what we are out of or close to running out of for the biweekly trips to replenish items.

The magnetic strip that holds it to the fridge was pretty strong and I never had a problem with it falling off when the doors were opened or shut.

Overall, this is a great item to add to your command center at home, or even for a locker at school for kids to just write random reminders on for homework.

5/5 Stars

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