Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Review: Barbie Mariposa and The Fairy Princess Castle Playset with Mini-Dolls

Barbie Mariposa and The Fairy Princess Castle Playset with Mini-Dolls

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Barbie Mariposa & the Fairy Princess Castle Playset: The all new DVD Barbie, "Mariposa and the Fairy Princess" brings back the beloved fairy in a new role, as an ambassador to a faraway fairy kingdom, where she meets and befriends the local fairy princess. Girls will love recreating favorite moments from the film with this castle play set that features three floors and multiple play spaces. The first floor features a dining space and a dance floor. Girls can attach the two small dolls to the dance floor and pull the lever to watch them spin and dance. The second floor features a peaceful bedroom and open balcony for gazing out at the kingdom. For even more sightseeing, girls can attach the dolls to the turret, where they will fly and dance at the same time. Set includes 2 dolls, 2 beds and a table with dining piece-count.
Recommended Ages: 36 months - 3 years

This item is much small than what you think.  I was expecting a medium sized doll house but it is rather small actually.  That was a bit disappointing so I wanted to put that out there in case you are looking for something larger.  There were good things about this set and then there were bad things. 

First, it is smaller so don't expect your full sized Barbies to be able to enjoy this mansion.  Heck, Skipper probably won't fit either.  It does come with two small sized Barbies though.  The Barbies were hard to attach to the spinners. I had to do it for my daughter several times because she just couldn't get them to stay on there.

On the good side, it was colorful and easy to assemble.  If you are in a smaller spaced house but want to let your daughter (or boy) to  be able to enjoy a doll house, then the size of this one is perfect.

Overall it was an okay toy for my younger daughter and she enjoyed it.

*Perfect size for smaller children and it doesn't take up much space
*Easy to assemble for parents

*Falls apart easily
*Some pieces are not very durable and kid friendly
*Hard to attach the dolls to the spinner at times for younger children

4/5 Stars

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