Saturday, June 5, 2010

REVIEW: Kung Zhu from Zhu Zhu Pets


If you were anywhere near a computer, TV, or store during the 2009 holiday season, I think you know what we're talking about- Zhu Zhu Pets. Yes, these furry friends scampered their way into our hearts and lives and provided our children with mess-free hamster fun. From toy fairs to talk shows, Zhu Zhu Pets are everywhere. It's as if they are on a mission to take over the....Zhu-niverse.
Well, the Zhu-niverse is expanding every day and we want you and your kids to be among the first to welcome its latest inhabitants. Moms, meet Kung Zhu. This clan of stealthy ninja hamsters were raised together and taught the secret stealthy art of making days brighter. The special forces Kung Zhu team will go to every length to complete their special task of keeping the Zhu-niverse safe and happy.
Complete with warriors with their own unique personalities (watch out for the Zhu-vil Skull tribe) and brand-new interactive accessories and play sets, Kung Zhu is sure to land on the coveted list of boys everywhere.


Granted, these toys are supposed to be geared for children ages 6-11 and for boys, but my oldest who is a 11 yr old boy wasn't thrilled with these.  My 5 year old daughter on the other hand loved them.  She was in heaven playing with these toys.  Last holiday season she kept mentioning Zhu Zhu pets but we couldn't find them anywhere.  They were all sold out.  When I was given the chance to try out the new Zhu Zhu pet creations for this season, I jumped on the chance!  I know I should have set them aside for Christmas, but I wanted my daughter to experience them since she didn't get to last year.  Plus, it gives me a chance to give you a heads up on the new line for this holiday season in advance! 

The product is packaged in brightly colored boxes that will get your child excited just looking at it.  They are easy to assemble even though the instructions were a little unclear.  We put together the battle arena, training centers and cars and my daughter has been playing with them like crazy.  She loves the noises the hamsters make and she is enjoying the thrill of the hamsters playing in the arena. The only downside of the product is the power up cards.  You run the pet over them a certain way and it powers them up. My daughter has a little trouble with that, but she is slowly figuring it out.

Overall they are not a bad toy.  I can see the appeal of them that would attract millions of children.  Just be sure to keep an eye out for them this season early.  I am sure these will sell out just as fast as the originals did!


* I received this product free of charge from MomSelect in exchange for an honest review. I was not paid at all with money for this review, however I was provided with the products to review and evaluate for my honest opinion and evaluation for the public*