Thursday, January 7, 2010

Chapstick Moisturizer Review

Brand: Chap Stick
Source: Bought from the store
Amount of product: 3 tubes in one pack
Money spent: 2.99+tax

My husband and I have been having some problems with chapped lips, especially since we have had nothing but severe fog days. His lips were cracked and sore and mine were starting to get the same way. So I browsed the chapstick section of the store and found this 3 pack of Moisturizer Chap Stick. The price was a great deal and it had SPF15 that my hubby needs working outside all day.

As soon as we put it on our lips we had instant relief! It soothed the sore and burning feeling from cracks and didn't have a bad taste at all that some can have. What is great is that they come in all different kinds of flavors! I think next time I will be buying the vanilla mint because I LOVE vanilla.

My overall ratings for this product is excellent! It works, it heals, and the price was great for people on a budget!

1 comment :

Blanche said...

I really like Chap Stick! I've spent way more money on things that don't work and I just end up going back to Chap Stick! :)